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Our Cheer

"Hoh ah! Swee ah! Pak Buey Tohh ah!" (in Hokkien)

Translated to Mandarain:  好啊!美啊!打不倒啊!

This was a cheer passed down by our Seniors and we will always cheer it after our training and of course, during competitions!

"We kick together, encourage each other & improve together. We are not individuals, but ONE." - Bee Siang, Alumni & President 06/07
«Conquer the Extreme; Challenge the Ultimate»
Sunday, April 28, 2013 11:07 AM

Hi guys. Here are some announcements which are pretty important so do take note:

1) ClubTees will be sold at $15 per shirt, if you are interested, please look for Ken and give him your size. Payment wise look for JiaHui. The design of the shirt can be found in the photos section on this page so do take a look!

2)There will be training this Monday at 6pm, Level 1 Training Ground. Please come in your full dobok. For Freshies, please come in your sports attire, girls DO NOT wear high cut FBTs (you should know what I'm talking about).

3)Remember to submit your indemnity forms for the camp on Monday so we can lock your attendance. If you do not submit by Monday, I'm afraid you can't go for the camp (more of cannot sleepover at loft). PLEASE DIE DIE SUBMIT YOUR FORM ON MONDAY. Give it to either Hadi, Felicia or Myself.

4)The camp will be on a Friday(3/5) so there will be NO TRAINING on THURSDAY(2/5). Please don't fall sick before the camp or you will be missing alot of fun ;)

5)Packing List will be out very soon so please keep a constant look out for the update either on this page or the blog.

For Freshies
If you have not liked our facebook page, please like it because that is the main platform where we disseminate important information, announcements and updates to you all. It can be found in the column on the right side of the page!

Have a great and fruitful week ahead and see ya during camp ;)

Monday, April 22, 2013 7:36 AM

Hey people! It's the 2nd week of a new school year, hope you all ain't partying that much!!
Training will resume today (22/4) at our normal Level 1 Training Ground at Block 16.
Please be there by 6pm and have a light dinner before coming!
Year 2s and 3s, please be in your full dobok
FRESHIES, please be in your sports attire. Girls do not wear super high cut FBTs (if you know what I mean)
For FRESHIES, we usually head down to KAP for supper after training so do feel free to come join us if you all don't need to rush back home!!
That's all for the announcement and have a fruitful week ahead:):)


Thursday, February 28, 2013 7:17 PM

Dear all, this may be old news to most but we would like to announce the new committee for 2013!

 President - Ng Zhe Xi
Vice-President - Teddy Juay
Secretary - Felicia Tan
Welfare - Nifail Hadi & Wong Steve
Publicity - Sebrena Tan & Rengie Ng
Logistics - Ho Jun Yi & Ken Lim
Vice-Captain - Nicole Tan

We would like to take this chance to thank the committee of 2012 for guiding and leading us and we will strive to continue where you guys have left off!
For the members of NPTKD, we hope to serve you all well and to grow together as a club :)

7:05 PM

Dear all,

IVP is around the corner and we wish our participants the best in their respective competitions (kyorugi/poomsae). Those who want to go down to support them, it will be held at NTU sports hall. Poomsae will be held on the 9th March whereas Kyorugi will be held on 10th March.
The bout list will be posted here. Do visit the blog for the latest info!

Have a great and fruitful week ahead!


Club Email:

Official Facebook:
Ngee Ann Taekwondo

Facebook Page:

Training Details:
Every Monday & Thursday
Monday: Block 16, Level 1
Thursday: Block 16, Level 3, Room 1 & 3

Training Fee (per term):
Coloured belts: $30
Black belts: $15

World Taekwondo Federation
Singapore Taekwondo Federation
Cheng San Taekwondo Club

Suggest, Comment, Questions? :)

For any other enquries, please do not hesistate to contact us at
We will get back to you as soon as possible! :)

10 Gold; 6 Silver; 6 Bronze
1 Gold; 1 Silver; 4 Bronze

4 Gold; 5 Silver; 4 Bronze

NTU TOC 2012
5 Silver; 4 Bronze

6th National Poomsae Championships
2 Gold; 3 Silver; 5 Bronze

Mooto Open Championships 2011
4 Gold; 6 Silver; 5 Bronze

5th National Poomsae Championships
3 Gold; 2 Silver; 3 Bronze

38th National Kyorugi Taekwondo Championships
3 Gold; 6 Silver; 2 Bronze

3 Gold; 5 Silver; 1 Bronze

NTU TOC 2011
1 Gold; 2 Bronze

Chin Khee Shin
1 Gold; 4 Silver; 2 Bronze

NTU IVP 2010
1 Gold; 1 Silver; 6 Bronze

Leng Kee Tournament
3 Gold

NTU IVP 2009
2 Gold; 3 Silver; 9 Bronze

3rd National Poomsae Championships
1 Silver; 8 Bronze

National Pesta Sukan
1 Gold; 2 Bronze

People Association Championship
1 Gold; 1 Silver; 2 Bronze

NTU IVP 2008
4 Gold; 1 Silver; 8 Bronze